All my motivation has disappeared' - The Miami Student

The lecturer often complained that the students were not active with online learning. They did not read the material before live class……

For me, there are a lot of factors related to learning motivation, but I think two things that impact on students’ motivation in our current context are:

– The first, Students’ psychology: some students are not ready to learn with an online course because they think it is new to them. They also are not active and lack of self-study skills. So, these lead to students to cope with lecture demands. To help students learning actively, I often make a meeting to encourage students and show them how to learn with an online course at the beginning time via Meeting zoom.

– The second, Teacher’s attitude: sometimes, after posting lectures on an online course, lecturers usually do not pay much attention to learners. So, students can think the lectures are not important and neglect to their learning. With this situation, I often remind them to pay attention to their learning via the announcement tool, comment on their learning activities, and five feedback every week.

Hopefully, we all will have efficient online courses in pandemic COVID 19!

E-Portfolio piloting at HCMUTE

HCMUTE has created the platform with MAHARA for students’ E-portfolio. But, in the piloting time, the MAHARA platform had problems, so I guided my students to make an E-portfolio with Blog. I use E-Portfolio as a final assessment tool, there are 8 tasks that students have to do to achieve the objectives of the subject. I expect my students that they can make a reflection for each task.

Here is a process to make an E-Portfolio that I used:
– First, I introduce e-portfolio to students and explain why it is used;
– Second, introducing the Gibbs model to students and guided them how to use it for self-assessment/reflection;
– Third, guiding student steps to make e-portfolio and form e-portfolio structure;
– Fourth, students have the first version, I look through and give them some suggests to adjust their e-portfolio.
Regarding the technology issue, students could do it beyond my expectation. But, it seems to be difficult for students to make a reflection. I and students had about 4 final-weeks of the semester to do e-portfolio, I realized that it is better for students to make an e-portfolio at the beginning of the semester, because we have more time to adjust.

This is the students’ results of E-Portfolio at HCMUTE in Ms. Trang course.;;;;

Please give feel free to comments for improving students’ E-portfolio.


Written by Ms. Do Thi My Trang, HCMUTE Team

Lecturers of University of Technology and Education HCMC still assure students’ learning schedule through online courses during the outbreak of COVID-19. All of lecturers who teach theoretical subjects are required to teach their students online during the break. Although the lecturers are always busy with their learning and teaching designs for the online courses, these also make them feel convenient, quick, safe and self-confident to keep up with Education 4.0. They can now use some digital tools such as Screencast, Camstudio Portable, Camtasia, etc. to make their video lessons. For instant, the subject named “workplace skills” is provided to students through our LMS (Learning Management System) platform. Besides the provided lectures and assignments, the system allows us to check students’ attendance and hold online meetings via some digital tools such as Skype and Zoom to interact to students.

Using digital tools to prepare online materials!

Online lessons provided on HCMUTE Learning Management System

Monitoring students’ participation via LMS

Despite the advantages the system provided, there are some issues to be dealt with; for example, while some students are active with online courses, some are quite passive and lazy in submitting their assignments and connecting with their lecturers. The lack of self-awareness or low Wi-Fi transmission or unattractive lectures, etc. are also the key causes to make students inactive. So, lecturers should have weekly meetings to share about technical and pedagogy parts in order to improve learning effectiveness. It is vital for us to realize that pedagogy part always plays a crucial role to help students to be more active.

E-learning Methodologies

Dear friends, This is a book to guide you for designing and developing e-learning courses shared by Mrs. Giang.

The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed guidance on designing and developing an
e-learning course for trainers and instructional designers who are new to e-learning design. It also provides basic concepts and information on the processes and resources involved in e-learning development, which might be of interest to capacity-development managers.

Link to download: